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Before a photography and floor plan session you may wish to consider these hints for presentation:

  • Maximise space and minimise personal effects.
  • Allow potential purchasers imagine how they would make this their home, not how you live in your home.
  • De clutter, remove fridge magnets, some personal pictures, posters from walls, ornaments, toys, paper work and items that may not be to everyone’s taste.
  • Replace any lights that are not working and tidy away cables.
  • Clean kitchen surfaces, floors, doors, air vents and windows.
  • Arrange curtains and blinds in an appealing manner.
  • Make rooms look bigger: place furniture in a way which makes the room feel bigger, ie place chairs and sofas against the walls in your sitting / living room.
  • Tidy bedrooms, dressing and bed side tables to be de-cluttered, beds to be tidied, use bright bed clothes in the bedrooms that are to be pictured with additional pillows, cushions and if possible matching throws for colour.
  • Tidy your garden, cut grass, clean down drive way, paths, pillars, garden wall or fence.
    Hide / put away bins, garden tools, clothes lines, hoses, toys and other such items out of view.

Stage your house:

  • Lay your dining table with matching plates, glass ware, cutlery.
  • Fill your wine rack.
  • If you have a separate breakfast area perhaps you could present it for a coffee break with tea pot, cups, saucers, a plate of biscuits, sugar bowl and milk jug.
  • Have fresh folded towels in your bathroom.
  • Remove / hide as many toiletries and cleaning products as possible.
  • Clean mirrors, stainless steel bathroom ware and shower and bath doors.
  • Fresh flowers and filled fruit bowls can be arranged to add points of interest to pictures.