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Benefits and Price

After price and location Pictures are the most important factor that buyers look at when choosing which house to view. In almost all cases good pictures can result in 3-4 times as many viewers.

More viewers means a much better chance of selling and can lead to a higher sales price and a quicker sale.

For the Agent:

This service will save you time as we will photograph, measure, draw floor plans and edit pictures of each house. We can even give you a table with room by room measurements and discriptions.

This service will save you money as we will provide the expensive materials and software required to produce such pictures and floor plans.

The service will improve the quality of your marketing, hopefully increasing your client satisfaction and your level of instructions.

The service can will increase the number of properties you sell and hence your bottom line, without costing you anything.

How much?

Prices for a shoot start from €175, this is for up to 8 images.
Additional images cost €15 each.
Elevated images are charged at €75 each.
Additional visits are charged at €50 each.
Plans are charged from €50 per 1,000 sq ft or per floor which ever is greatest.
For twilight packages please contact for details

The home owner

Your home is often your largest asset, First point property makes sure it gets the best chance to sell at the best price.

The first and most important point of contact between potential purchasers and a property are the images. These images can be on the internet, in a brochure, on a window card in an estate agents display, or in advertisements in local or national newspapers.

Currently most estate agents in your area use lower quality cameras, and do not prepare floor plans for each property. Using high quality photographic equipment, specialist software and several years experience we aim to produce exceptional images and floor plans, in order to give your property the additional aesthetic boost to assist in making your property stand out, bringing people through your front door and even introducing purchasers.

More viewings, means more of a chance of selling at a better price.